Manufacturing specialist Shimano turned to Acquity Group for a web content management solution to unify its independently run, regional websites, then developed into a farther-reaching, five-year plan for an integrated e-business strategy.

Shimano needed to implement long-term Internet-enabled solutions, to grow as the company did and use the web to cross borders with ease. In the meantime, the independently maintained websites meant that the presentation of Shimano’s growing portfolio of sports products—from its most renowned cycling components to its emerging product lines—was inconsistent from region to region, from website to website. Acquity Group immediately recognized that the crux of Shimano’s challenge was to develop and implement a web strategy that simultaneously supported its global brand and accommodated the unique requirements of its product divisions in different regions.

Acquity Group implemented a content management starter kit immediately to standardize four key Shimano websites with easy-to-update templates. Acquity Group then delivered an e-business roadmap for Shimano to tackle outstanding issues including a global product catalog and business-to-business (B2B) solutions that functioned similar to their consumer-facing sites.

Acquity’s experienced team created value for Shimano by lending the relevant experts when needed for a launch, and then scaling back just as soon as possible. Shimano, in the meantime, was not required to increase its full-time headcount to keep the websites running smoothly. In fact, the manpower required to maintain the sites—and even launch new ones—was significantly reduced, thanks to a centralized tool kit and support. With an emphasis on precision and performance in their work, Shimano and Acquity Group have consistently worked well together—from strategy through implementation at various levels for almost a decade.

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