• Jay Dettling


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    "If you’re surrounded by passionate people, then you have all you need for success.”

  • Kathy Simmel

    Chief Operating Officer

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    "The best laid plans are only as good as the people behind them."

  • Frank Fortuna

    Chief Financial Officer

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    “There’s no shortage of great ideas. What’s missing is the ability to execute.“

  • Deb Corrao

    Managing Director, Digital Platforms

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    "Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."

  • Robert Barr

    Managing Director, Technology Services

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    “Most people work to play; I prefer to find play both inside and outside of work.”

  • Tim Irvine

    Chief Experience Officer

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    "Design that lacks ideas and depends entirely on form for its realization may possess a certain kind of mysterious charm; at the same time it may be uncommunicative."